Michael Schumacher applauds his brother after Hockenheim win


Flashback with Michael Schumacher at Hockenheim back in 2001, when Ralf won the race and Schumacher retired in the lap 23, he applauds his brother for Hockenheim win.

Fuel pressure on Ferrari car of Schumacher, forced the German to retire from the race.

However, he seems happy again at the end of the race as his brother Ralf, won the German Grand Prix.

Juan Pablo montoya started from pole position, Ralf Schumacher started from P2.

The Colombian also retired from the race after engine failure on his BMW car one lap after Michael Schumacher.

Michael team-mate Rubens made it to the podium finishing second, and Schumacher’s 97′ rival Villeneuve finished third.