Michael Schumacher before his comeback test


Flashback with Michael Schumacher who tested the GP2 car before his comeback in Formula One back in 2010.

Schumacher was still hungry to win, he wanted to comeback and win again in Formula 1, but his stint wasn’t good enough as he expected.

Mercedes team debut back in 2010, couldn’t match the speed of Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren in the beginning.

However, his desire of racing did not ended in 2006, he still wanted to compete at the highest level.

At least he took a pole position at Monte Carlo, but he took five grid penalties which cost him a lot for the race.

Monaco is a track that is hard to overtake, Schumacher with his abilities could have won the race back in the day if he started from pole.

But it was a big help for Mercedes for the V6 era, they started to dominate the sport for years after having Michael in their team for three years.