Michael Schumacher documentary review

Michael Schumacher documentary aired in 15 September 2021, Michael the most successful F1 driver, and known as one of the best in history of Formula 1.

Michael Schumacher joining F1 was a surprise for everyone back in the day. Willi Weber the man who knew the German driver better than anyone else called Eddie Jordan to give a chance to Michael Schumacher.

Eddie was surprised and didn’t knew who Michael Schumacher was.

However, Schumacher in his debut at Spa did a great qualifying lap and showed his class, he qualified P7 which was a surprise to everyone.

Day after the Spa race, Flavio Briatore came with an offer to bring Michael Schumacher to his team, who back then was a team boss of Benetton.

Schumacher, joins Benetton team who gave a winning car and Michael Schumacher extracted the potential of the car.

Ayrton Senna, who was the icon of Formula One, was not happy at all as he saw Michael Schumacher as a threat and take the throne from him.

Michael Schumacher had a successful seasons with Benetton and won two championships.

In 1996, he decided to join Ferrari, the team that was hungry to win championships and Michael Schumacher was the right man for their journey.

Irvine explained during the documentary that Ferrari were nowhere the top, and also said that the car was a disaster.

However, Schumacher didn’t sleep at all until the team fixed the car and try fight the big guns.

For 4 years he couldn’t make it happen, but Schumacher believed that Ferrari is almost there and in 2000 finally Ferrari did a great job and gave Schumacher a chance to fight for championships.

He won 5 titles in a row for Ferrari and it will be remembered forever.

Michael Schumacher decided to leave F1 in 2006 for good. As he said he was tired and wasn’t motivated anymore.

Schumacher came back in F1 im 2010 for a new project with Mercedes, the team who dominates F1 for seven years in a row.

The documentary is missing Rubens Barrichello who was the best teammate of Michael Schumacher. We don’t know why but he deserved to be there.