Michael Schumacher DTM back in 1990

A flashback, 32 years from now Michael Schumacher competed at DTM, there were some moments that he was blamed for.

In the final race of DTM 1990, Schumacher loses control of the car and ends on the gravel, then hits Ceccoto who was competing for Championship.

However, these were the first steps of Michael Schumacher on racing, young drivers always are making mistake.

Year later Schumacher life started, he joined F1 driving for Jordan team, where he showed his class and later become one of the best.

Benetton signed him, a team that gave Schumacher a winning car, he won two championships in a row.

Then joined Ferrari where he dominated the sport for years, Schumacher remains the icon of the Italian manufacturer, and one of the best in history of the sport.