Michael Schumacher First Ever Test At Ferrari In 1996

F1 legend Michael Schumacher first ever test for Scuderia Ferrari in 1996, everyone were surprised with Michael chosing Ferrari back then but this man changed everything.

Schumacher debut was back in 1991 driving for Jordan Formula 1 team, a day after the first race he was called by Benetton team.

However, Michael Schumacher joined Benetton where he won two championships in a row back in 94′ and 95′.

In 1996 he had offers from McLaren team and Scuderia Ferrari. McLaren offered more money but he decided to join the Maranello team.

Schumacher struggled for year at Scuderia, trying to keep up with best team on the front until 2000.

Michael Schumacher dominance with Ferrari started in 2000 until 2004. Winning five championships in a row for the Prancing Horse.

In 2006 Michael Schumacher retired from Scuderia Ferrari and Formula 1. Michael cameback in F1 in 2010 for Mercedes but unable to win as Mercedes wasn’t strong enough to keep up with Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.