Michael Schumacher Flashback: His journey at Scuderia Ferrari


Flashback of Michael Schumacher during his years at Scuderia Ferrari, the man who spent 11-years at the Italian team.

He was the best driver back in 1996, many teams wanted to sign the young German, even McLaren who built the best cars back then.

However, for the German driver chose Ferrari instead of money – he wanted to bring Ferrari team back to winning ways.

I wasn’t looking for just to sit on the car and drive, if not this year, next year I can fight for title that’s why I chose Ferrari.” said Schumacher after signing for the Italian team.

Other teams offered me more money, but it is not about the money, I feel this team is the best choice for me.

This man believed back in the days that he can bring this team to the front and win championships together, and he was right to chose the Maranello team.

1996: Michael Schumacher first year at Scuderia Ferrari

His first year at the team was not good – but this man showed what he can do, Williams dominated the season but Michael managed to finish P3 in the championship.

Schumacher had to battle against his former team Benetton for the second place in the championship, Ferrari finished in the second place in the constructors championships two points ahead of Benetton.

Michael Schumacher first win for Ferrari came at the Spanish GP in 1996. He won three races during the season in his first year at the team.

1997: Michael Schumacher battle with Jascques Villeneuve for the championship

Williams again in 1997 was the team to beat – Villeneuve took 10 pole positions of 17 possible in 1997.

But in the race Michael Schumacher always tried to do his best to fight Williams, which he did until the last race of the season.

A collision between Schumacher and Villeneuve changed everything. Michael Schumacher lost the title in the final race of the season. He was disqualified from the championship.

Schumacher could have won his third title and his first for Scuderia Ferrari back in 1997, but unlucky, he had to wait yet for it.

1998: Michael Schumacher battle with Mika Hakkinen

McLaren’s speed was just unbelievable and they showed it in every qualifying session, McLaren took 12 pole positions out of 16 possible in 1998.

But the German driver again found the pace during the race and knew how to fight the McLaren’s during the race.

He fought hard with McLaren until the last race, Schumacher won 6 races in 1998 but lost the title to Mika Hakkinen who won 8 races that year.

1999: Again Schumacher had to fight against McLaren

Unstoppable McLaren in 1999 with Mika Hakkinen who took 11 pole positions out of 16 possible.

Michael Schumacher accident at the British GP back in 1999, cost him a lot as he was out of F1 for seven races.

Michael Schumacher won two races before the British GP, the battle was on until that race.

Schumacher came back in the last two races of the season, took two pole positions.

2000: It all started for Michael Schumacher that year

McLaren was great in qualifying – but in the race it was Michael Schumacher who knew what he was doing.

Ferrari finally managed to built a winning car for the German – he took 9 pole positions and 9 wins back in 2000.

Michael Schumacher won his first title for Scuderia Ferrari with 19 points ahead of McLaren’s Mika Hakkinen.

2001: Schumacher dominance

The year that showed why he joined Scuderia Ferrari, and finally bringing back the team where they belonged.

Schumacher dominated the season of 2000 by taking 11 pole positions and 9 race wins.

He finished the season 58 points ahead of McLaren driver David Couldhard – Michael Schumacher was just unstoppable.

2002: Montoya matches Schumacher

In 2002, it was Montoya who matched Schumacher pole position numbers – both drivers with 7 poles during the season.

However, the German in the race was different, Ferrari had the pace and Schumacher managed to win 11 races out of 17 possible.

The German won the championship ahead of his team-mate Rubens Barrichello who was 67 points behind in the driver standings.

2003: Battle with Raikkonen and Montoya for the Championship

McLaren and BMW showed pace during 2003 season, Raikkonen and Montoya tried to fight Michael Schumacher for the championship.

It all came to the last race, Schumacher needed just one points to take the championship.

Michael Schumacher won only five races during the season out of 16 possible, Raikkonen with just one-win kept fighting for the title until the last race of the season.

2004: Best car Ferrari ever had

Unbelievable season for Scuderia Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, Ferrari built the best car in their history.

Michael Schumacher secured the title 6 races before the championship ended, the crash with Montoya at Monte Carlo cost him 13 wins out of 13.

He dominated the season by winning 13 races during the season, and it was the last F1 title in Formula 1.

2005: McLaren and Renault battle – Ferrari couldn’t match them

Ferrari dominance came to an end, it was McLaren and Renault who dominated the season, Fernando won the championship of 2005.

Ferrari wansn’t capable of matching the front-runnes, one pole position and one win for Michael Schumacher in 2005.

The German driver finished third in the championship by two points ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya.

2006: Last year at Scuderia Ferrari – Schumacher battle with Alonso

Renault was the team to beat back in 2006, but Schumacher managed to fight them until the last race of the season.

A engine-failure to Michael Schumacher at Suzuka, cost him F1 title, he could have won his six with Scuderia Ferrari.

Alonso won his second title in a row driving for Renault, Schumacher journey with Scuderia Ferrari ended at the end of 2006.