Michael Schumacher Onboard Sportscars WSC: Pushing To The Limit – Nurburgring, 1990

Back in 1990 Schumacher was driving in Formula Three but he also joined the Junior Racing Programe with Mercedes, in World Sportscar Championship.

Most of F1 legends competed in F3000 before joining F1 but Willi Webber advised Schumacher to drive at WSC before trying to get in F1, it was unusual for a young driver but Schumi managed to do it.

However, Michael Schumacher drove for Sauber-Mercedes C11 and finished P5 in the championship, he managed to win only one grand prix during that year at WSC.

He also in 1990 competed in Le Mans, finishing P5 in a car shared with Wendlinger and Kreutzpointner.

Check this amazing onboard video with Michael Schumacher at WSC.