Michael Schumacher special Ferrari FXX which was built only for him

A flashback in 2006 when Michael Schumacher drove his black Ferrari FXX around Nurburgring track.

Michael Schumacher is an icon of the Maranello team, he remains the most successful Ferrari driver.

He won five championships out of eleven possible during his stint at Ferrari, an achievement that nobody ever done in history of the team.

However, Ferrari started it’s production of Ferrari FXX back in 2005, it’s high-performance car that produced only for tracks.

Engine6.3-Liter V12
Transmission6-speed Automated-Manual
Horsepower800 BHP
Top Speed345 KM/H
Performance of Ferrari FXX

An incredible history of this type of car, the Italian manufacturer has built only 30 cars in total, 29 of them have been sold to customers.

But the 30th car was built only for Michael Schumacher which is colored black, it shows that the German driver remains the icon of Ferrari.