Michael Schumacher – Stand up for the champion

A legend, the undisputed, the man who changed the course of this sport, he still remains the greatest of all-time in history of motor racing.

He was the man that catched the eyes of everyone, back when great drivers were on the grid, like Senna, Prost, Hill.

However, Ayrton Senna saw something in him the day Schumacher was on track, and the Brazilian hero, didn’t like it at all.

Everyone expected a fight in the future between Schumacher and Senna, which would have been one of the most exciting battle, but unlikely we lost Senna very early.

Anyway, Schumacher showed his class during his years in the sport, winning many titles (7) and winning the most important thing, the heart of many fans around the world, especially the Tifosi’s.