Michael Schumacher superbike championship race in Germany


Flashback with Michael Schumacher, his first superbike race, and he showed once again how good he was to compete at the highest level.

He knew that it will be hard to win there: ‘Here it will be impossible to win, there are real and well-prepared riders, practically professional,’ Schumacher said back then.

‘In Spain there were some boys on motorbikes and I asked to do a little race. I finished in front but they were young boys. This instead will be a real race, the first official one I’ve done on a bike.’ he said before the race.

However, Michael Schumacher remains one of the best drivers in history of Formula 1, winning seven titles.

He retired from F1 in 2006, but then came back in F1 again in 2010 to drive for Mercedes F1 team for three years.