Michael Schumacher with his family – Rare footage

A rare footage, filmed by the German TV RTL later in 1999, Michael Schumacher with his family.

Schumacher, known as one of the best in history of F1, remains the top favorite driver for the most of F1 fans.

Lot of fans have stopped watching Formula 1, since Michael Schumacher left from the sport.

He started his career for Jordan team – joining the Benetton team in 1993. At Benetton Schumacher won two championships, beating Williams two years in a row.

In 1996 Schumacher had offers from McLaren and Ferrari, the German driver decided to join Maranello team to make a winning team again after two decades.

Four years of waiting, until 2000 when Ferrari somehow managed to make a winning car for Michael.

He dominated the sport for five years – winning five championships in a row for the Italian team.