Michael Schumacher’s golden years at Scuderia Ferrari

The German who is known as the best in history – his years at Ferrari were the golden years of his career.

Offers from big team’s like McLaren didn’t convince Michael Schumacher to join then, the packade at McLaren was already better than the Italian manufacturer.

However, the Prancing Horse team believed in Michael – they knew Schumacher is the key to success and that is what they missed for decades.

When he jumped at the car – he knew that the team had a lot of work to do to fight for the championships.

Even his team-mate Eddie Irvine in an interview told at Michael’s documentary: “Just after the first lap – we saw the car wasn’t capable of winning.”

There was no chance of competing at the front but the rain in Barcelona that season – where Michael once again showed his class by doing great laps on a wet track, four seconds faster than anybody else.

But Michael Schumacher had to wait years to compete at the front, he never gave up he fought with front runners but never had the pace to compete with McLaren of Mika Hakkinen.

It all started in 2000 for the German – where he dominated the season and started to compete at the front and beating the rivals for years.

He won five titles for the team – he lost his chance for winning his six after mechanical failure at Suzuka back in 2006, which the title was handled to Fernando Alonso.

He retired Ferrari in 2006 – his recovery in Brazil, which was the last race of Michael for Ferrari, easily could be picked as his best race of his career.