Mick Schumacher after the race in Abu Dhabi, didn’t end fairly


Mick Schumacher’s last race in Abu Dhabi, didn’t end well as the team asked him to stop the donuts.

The son of the seven-time world champion didn’t perform well, that’s according to Haas team, but if you look at the car it was disaster too.

They wanted great results but it was impossible, also his team-mate Kevin Magnussen, did not perform well.

However, Abu Dhabi was the last race for the young German, he will leave the team and he will be replaced by Nico Hulkenberg.

Mick Schumacher, doesn’t give up, he believes that he will have a seat by 2024, and Mercedes is interested in him at the moment.

After the race in Abu Dhabi he was asked to stop donuts, “I’m sorry Mick, stop donuts, seriously. I’m sorry, but we just can’t.”