Mick Schumacher first ever test at Scuderia Ferrari

A years back in 2019, Mick Schumacher made his debut at Scuderia Ferrari, his fathers home.

Mick Schumacher started his career in F1 in 2021 driving for Haas team, beating his team-mate constantly.

This season with Kevin Magnussen as a team-mate, Mick Schumacher cannot keep up and fight with his team-mate but lately he has shown in qualifying that he is almost there to start and fight.

On the other hand, his father Michael Schumacher in his two years showed his class before joining Benetton team and win the championship in 1994.

He joined Scuderia Ferrari in 1996, a team that didn’t produced a winning car back in the days but Schumi changed the course of the team.

He had to wait four seasons before winning finally in 2000, it all started from there and dominate the sport for years.