Most Fuel Efficient Cars In 2022


Time to buy a new car? Yes, we know that you want the most fuel efficient car that exist in 2022.

There are many manufacturers that are doing their best to bring the most fuel efficient car nowadays, but we will bring the best options possible right now.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2022

A good option to buy at the moment, the Chrysler Pacifica MPG is 82, which means in 3.44 litre in 100KM.

However, price of the Chrysler Pacifica remains high, starting at $46,760.

Hyundai i10 2022

The Korean manufacturer this time did their best to come out with a great car with most fuel efficient car they ever had.

The MPG of Hyundai i10 is 52.3, 4.5 liter in 100KM, which is great.

The price of it starts at 13,430, a great option and one of the cheapest car in 2022.

Dacia Sandero 2022

No hybrid, no diesel, no problem for Dacia, they have done a great job to bring economical car this time.

Dacia Sandero MPG is 53 – 4.4 liter in 100KM.

However, this manufacturer comes with a cheap car that would also benefit you, price of Dacia Sandero 2022 starts at $12,595.

Chevrolet Bolt 2022

The best option and the most efficient fuel car in the world at the moment is Chevrolet Bolt produced in 2022.

Don’t think twice and go for it, is a battery electric car, if it is fully charged you can travel 416 KM.

It’s little bit expensive to buy it, price of Chevrolet Bolt starts at $31,500.

That was our best top four choice of most fuel efficient cars in 2022.