One of the Old Ferrari 212 Export Models: Specifications, Price In 2022


Ferrari never stopped of producing, during the production of 195 back in 51′ and 52′, they also produced the Ferrari 212 export.

One of the old Ferrari models also was a sportcar, they competed in many competitions with this model, at Tour de France, Copa della Toscana and many more competitions.

They produced less units of Ferrari 212 export, but it was more powerful and capable of racing in any competition, except F1.

However, we will bring the specifications of the car, the designer of it and also the price back in the day, and the price of Ferrari 212 export in 2022.

Specifications of Ferrari 212:

Engine: 2.6-liter
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Horsepower: 165 hp
Top Speed: 220 KM/H

The designer of Ferrari 212 export

Two companies designed the Ferrari 212 – Touring and Vignale.

How many units of Ferrari 212 were produced?

Ferrari produced 27 units of this model, less than Ferrari 195.

The price of Ferrari 212 Export In 1951?

Those cars were produced for competitions and there was no price for this model.

How much the old Ferrari Export 1951 model cost in 2022?

If you own a Ferrari Export produced back in 1951, the price of it could go up to $3million.

However, one of the old Ferrari 212 Export models remains a popular and the price of it remains high as those cars were used for racing and saved by people’s who owned them.