PURE V10 SOUND: Senna and Hill testing Williams FW15

A flashback when Senna and Hill tested the Williams Renault FW15 – one of the lightest car in history produced by Williams with Patrick Head as technical director and Adrian Newey as chief designer.

Engine3.5L – V10
Horsepower780 BHP
Transmission6-speed manual
Performance of Williams Renault FW15

Senna joined Williams F1 team in 1994 as he believed it was the best team on the grid, making the best cars.

The start of the season wasn’t as Senna expected, Schumacher with his Benetton started his season very strong, but everybody knew that the British team will show up and fight for the championship.

It was the saddest season for every F1 fan as we lost one of the best team in history, Ayrton Senna in Imola 1994.

However, it was Damon Hill who stepped up and kept fighting for the championship until the last race of the season.

Here is the Williams testing their car before the season started, the sound of these cars was just unbelievable.