RARE FOOTAGE: Schumacher Entire Lap Engine Sound – Once In A Lifetime!

All fans around the world still want the engine of V8 or V10 back in F1, but looks like it will never be again around us.

Going back and remembering one of the best in history, Michael Schumacher, but also best engines we ever had in this sport, we really miss them both!

During free practices some fans in Monza made an amazing video where you can hear Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari screaming around the track in Monza back in 2002.

It happens once in a lifetime where you can hear the car from one spot go all the way around the track and comeback, it’s really phenomenal video to watch.

However, Schumi is known one of the best in history and the most loved driver for the Italian fans, he is the icon of the Prancing Horse, the most successful.