Schumacher catching up with Ferrari 575 and Fiat Bravo

An F1 car against a supercar Ferrari, with Fiat Bravo also on track, Schumacher tries to catch up after giving 1:23 minute head start.

The Ferrari of 1996, wasn’t as good as Schumacher expected in his first year at Scuderia Ferrari, but it was enough to give him hope for the future.

We don’t know exactly when this was held, the Ferrari 575 is also on track which productions started back in 2002.

Also a Fiat Bravo, the car that started much earlier than Ferrari 575 and Ferrari F1, a car that was produced from 1995 to 2000.

However, Schumacher started much later than them, but he had enough time to catch them up, simply, only Schumi can do it!