Schumacher: Happy moments from the greatest racer ever

Who else can make your day beautiful if not Michael Schumacher, the most loved racer in history of Formula 1.

Another prank at the gas station from the seven-time world champion, makes this man so happy, there is no doubt, any of us would have been very happy.

However, Schumacher years at Ferrari, changed his image and his reputation, the man chose the historic team to become the most popular driver ever.

Dominated the sport for many years, chosing Ferrari instead of McLaren who offered more money back then, showed he did the right choice.

At first, we all doubted if he would succeed at the Italian team, but later, he was the man to beat for five years in a row.

His dominance ended when Renault built a winning car in 2005, Fernando Alonso was just unbeatable that year.