Schumacher test day at Fiorano with F2004 – Good old times at Ferrari

Schumacher’s last winning car – the F2004 at Fiorano, watch the all scenes at Fiorano back in 2004 with Scuderia Ferrari and Michael Schumacher.

The F2004 will be remembered as one of the best cars in history of F1, the crash during the safety car at Monaco in 2004, stopped Michael from winning his 8th GP in a row.

It could have been the most successful season ever if he managed to win Monaco, Schumacher won the first seven GP in 2004 and then five after Monaco.

However, there could have been an unbreakable record with 13 wins in a row – but unlucky, Schumacher winning streak stopped at Monaco.

He won the championship in 2004, six races before the end of the season, which is impressive, there have been 18 grand prix’s in the calendar and Michael needed only 13 races to win the title.

If we look at those stats, clearly the F2004 was the best car Schumacher ever had in his career.

McLaren MP4/4 car was also unbeatable back in 1988, there is a doubt if the F2004 is the most dominant car in history, but yet it was one of the best ever.

Schumacher’s test at Fiorano: