Sebastian Vettel: Different day for the four time world champion

A flashback of Sebastian Vettel when he was racing for Ferrari, the man who will retire at the end of the season.

A surprise for fans at the Gas Station, seems everyone enjoyed it, the four-time world champion is loved by everyone.

However, he started his career driving for Sauber-BMW back in 2007, he scored points in his first race at Indianapolis back then.

In 2008, Red Bull knocked his door to sign him, Seb showed his class in his first year at Toro Rosso, winning first race for the Austrian Team.

In 2009, Red Bull team took him in the first team, his first year wasn’t as good as he wanted, Brawn GP dominated that year.

In 2010, it all started for Sebastian, he dominated the sport for four years in a row by winning four championships.

In 2015 he joined Scuderia Ferrari to follow Schumacher’s footsteps, but he was unable to stop the Mercedes dominance.