Sebastian Vettel & Michael Schumacher – true friendship

Flashback when Michael Schumacher tries to hold on the car while Seb drifts it during the race of the champions event.

Schumacher remains one of the best in history of F1, winning seven titles during his career, Seb on the other hand was a big fan of him.

However, both were Ferrari drivers, Schumacher joined the team to bring back to winning ways, while Seb tried the same but Mercedes was just unbeatable.

Sebastian Vettel is also a four time world champion driving for Red Bull team, the man who will retire at the end of the season.

Their friendship will last forever, Schumacher as a professor of this sport, helped Seb in many occasions and now Seb tried to help Mick those days.

In this compilation video with Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, you can see the part when Michael Schumacher tries to hold on while Sebastian Vettel is drifting.