Sebastian Vettel: The 2010 world champion in F1

A flashback when David Coulthard predicted that Sebastian Vettel will become the world champion, but everyone laughed at him!

How on earth did he knew that Seb will beat great drivers like, Alonso, Button and Lewis Hamilton back then?

Sebastian Vettel showed his class a year before after finishing P2 in the championship behind world champion Jenson Button.

Red Bull, back then was impossible to match the speed of Brawn GP, but somehow Vettel kept fighting with them in many occasion.

In 2010, everyone expected a great season, but nobody expected Vettel to raise again and fight for the championship.

As you can see in the video, they thought that Hamilton would be unbeatable and Alonso would fight him throughout the season.

But Couldhard knew something more, he chosed Sebastian Vettel as the man who would win the championship.