The 1989 BMW M3 – King of drifting becomes like a new one

Are you still in love with BMW M3 produced back in 1989? Those car still remains the kings of drifting and this man shares his love of this beauty.

The man who painted this beauty, published it’s video on youtube – he worked for 60hr full time to finish the exterior and interior.

He has dealed with many things around the car, which is a good lesson for all of us, you can see how difficult is repairing old vehicles.

However, it shows that many around the world still trying to keep alive those great old vehicles, and many of us are still in love with those great cars.

In his description he also thanked the owner of the car as his customer, for chosing him to repair this beauty.

Prices of this model are still increasing nowadays, last year the price increased around 0.03%, you can check on used cars markets there are prices like $95,173.33 to buy an M3 (E30) model.