The 2024 Electric Volvo EX90 Flagship SUV – Price, Specs, Review


The world of automobile is moving towards a new era, Volvo now comes with the latest technology with their new EX90 SUV which will be on the roads by 2024.

Safety comes first for this manufacturer, Volvo also makes something that never had before in any car – with two cameras that is checking the face and the eyes of the driver to alarm and wake up in any case.

This means they will be safer – and great one for the future, it should have an back up system so if something happens, it will react automatically.

Volvo will break the cover of this amazing SUV at the end of they year, it’s expected to be in November.

However, they haven’t reveal yet what the specifications of the car will be:

Engine: NA
Transmission: NA
Horsepower: NA

What will be the price of Volvo EX90 Flagship?

Starting price is $70,000.