The 8 Coolest Cars of the 90s – Best 1990s Cars Produced

We are going back in 90s and make a list of the top 8 coolest cars on earth produced by the best manufacturers.

If you look earlier of 90s, you see there always were missing something on any car that was produced, 90s reached the limits.

McLaren F1

The British manufacturer started the production of McLaren F1 back in 1992, the design of the car was just brilliant and you can easily pick as one of the most beautiful road car ever made.

Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R

Another beauty came from Japan, Nissan Skyline was unbelievable when it came to speed, it reached more than 300KM/H. Nissan produced the Skyline back in 1998.

Honda Integra Type-R DC2

When it comes to reability of the engine, we would pick Honda on top back in the days, Integra was another cool designed car. It’s production started back in 1997.

Dodge Viper

You had to be lucky in your life to see a Dodge Viper for real. A limited production by the manufacturer which reached 285 Vipers of 1992 model.

Lamborghini Diablo

It’s production started back in 1990. The most loved cars on the video game of Need For Speed. Another beauty that was really hard to see on the roads back in the days.

Ferrari F355

A limited production by the Italian manufacturer – only 11.273 units were produced by Ferrari from 1994 until 1999.

Subaru Impreza

Anyone who has seen an Impreza on the street – they always doubted what was the sound of the downshift, the return valve made the car whistling, which made it look more impressive.

Honda NSX

Again Honda in 1993 before making the Integra, they had the best car on earth when it came to drifting. It’s design could be named as one of the most beautiful in the 90s.