The Arrival of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari – First day at Maranello

A two-time world champion in F1 back in 1995, who had better offers than joining Ferrari in 1996 – opted to join Scuderia Ferrari and bring back the glory to the Italian manufacturer.

Michael Schumacher, the Scuderia Ferrari legend, and the most loved F1 driver around the world.

However, Michael Schumacher’s start at the new team in 1996, was as he wanted, the car wasn’t capable to fight in front.

Schumacher had to wait for years until he got a winning car on his hand, and later in 2000, he stared to dominate the sport for five years in a row.

He stayed at Ferrari for 11 years, he decided to retire from F1 in 2006 as a seven-time world champion.