The best quotes of Jacques Villeneuve

A former Canadian driver and a world champion in Formula 1 Jacques Villeneuve… his best quotes


I hate it when politics play too large part in the sport.


Ultimately, the best driver will always do something special, whatever the rules and whatever the regulations. Same thing with the teams.


I love a lot of high speed turns, turns where you have to push yourself, force yourself to go fast. Then there’s something telling your foot to lift off, because it’s so fast, and it’s impressive when you get that feeling and just drive on.


Both Indy Car and Formula 1 work in the same way, although there is a greater emphasis on development and technology in Formula 1.


Unlike motor sport, I didn’t get into music for the live performances. I like writing and studio work and seeing how a song can come to life.


I think it was wrong to take the decision to slow F1 down. It was much better in my day, when it was already a lot safer than it had been in the ’70s and ’80s, but you could still drive crazy fast.


You need to let the drivers go for it, and if they bang wheels, too bad. It’s fun, it’s a good show, the fans are up in the grandstands, and they can scream and shout about it… that’s good; that’s what you want.


F1 is giving penalties for people making mistakes instead of for people driving dirty. And that is wrong. Mistakes happen. You run into each other: that’s life, that’s racing, and too bad.


I’m competitive, but that doesn’t stop me from being realistic.


I would rather have racing without computers. The human side is forgotten, and instead of talking over what’s happening and just trusting the feel of the driver, the data becomes almost more important.


Everybody has fallen asleep on the fact that F1 is dangerous. They all think it’s a video game, and it’s not. It is very, very dangerous, and it’s tough.


Some younger drivers didn’t grow up seeing racing as being dangerous. They break their little finger, and they are surprised. It’s like, ‘Be happy it’s only that.’