The best quotes of Kimi Raikkonen

A Formula 1 Legend and a F1 World Champion – the best quotes of him… the Ice Man who doesn’t care about anything…

I’m not interested in what people think about me. I’m not Michael Schumacher.

Driving is the only thing I love about F1.


Formula 1 would be a paradise without the media.


When I was a kid, I would watch the grands prix. Everyone dreamt of becoming a race driver, while I only started thinking about it when I was 18 or 19. Only at that age did I seriously start thinking about this job. Before then, I would change ideas from one second to the next.


There’s always a lot of talk about motivation to race, but nobody really knows what I do or what I think apart from myself, so I don’t really care what people think.


In rallying every curve, every hill may be different than you thought. That makes it interesting.


In F1 too many things overshadow the racing. There is too much politics.


You always want to have a winning car, but there is no guarantee that it will be.


Do you have any ambitions outside racing? My main ambition at the moment, whether inside or outside racing, is to become Formula 1 World Champion.


I’m delighted to be coming back to Formula 1 after a two-year break, and I’m grateful to Lotus Renault GP for offering me this opportunity.