The day it all began for the German star

The world already knew who Schumi was, but who expected him to join Scuderia Ferrari back in 1996?

Offers came from the British team McLaren back then, but Schumacher opted to join the Italian manufacturer.

There were many reasons why he chosed Marranello, an historic team with lot of fans around the world.

However, Schumacher aim was to bring back the team to the top, a team that has been waiting for decades to start and win again.

Ferrari couldn’t provide a winning car at the beginning, he had to wait four years until Marranello produced a competitive car.

He started to dominate the sport in 2000, the battles between Mika Hakkinen those years, gone down as the best rivarly in history of the sport.

Michael won five championships in a row, becoming the most successful driver ever, beating Fangio who was five time world champion.

Today the only driver who managed to win seven championships in his career is Lewis Hamilton, who equalled Schumacher’s record back in 2020.