The Great Lancia Delta will be back in 2026

Surprisingly – The Italian Brand Lancia confirms that they will produce their Delta model which will be all-electric.

This car is expected to be launched in four years according to the Lancia.

The CEO of the Lancia – Luca Napolitano says that the Delta model is a desired car around the world and this plan expected to work.

However, currently the information is limited about the project but it is rumored to be used an existing platform from the Stellantis range.

Most likely it will be the new STLA Medium platform which is an evolution of the eVMP platfrom from the PSA ERA.

As we know that it will allow the use of the solid state batteries that will provide enough energy for a 700km on a single charge.

We know it will be important in the near future to catch up the big manufacturers in the market, The Italian manufacturer is expected to produce all-electric vehicles by 2026.