The historic team that builds best cars in the world

Scuderia Ferrari, the team that have built the best F1 cars in history, the stats shows it, they still remain the best team in history.

Lately, Ferrari hasn’t been able to match the front-runners, since 2007 they’ve never won a championship, but they still are on top in statistics.

However, the last champion in F1 for Scuderia Ferrari is Kimi Raikkonen, he won the 2007 world championship, the man who replaced Schumacher back then.

Alonso in 2010 lost the title in the final race of the season driving for Scuderia Ferrari, he stuck behind Petrov for the whole race.

Vettel who was leading the race, finished the job and won the title. Years later Ferrari signed Sebastian Vettel, with a hope to get back to winning ways.

But it was impossible to match Mercedes performances in V6 era, Vettel tried to beat them in many occasions, but it wasn’t enough to win the title.

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