The man that fulfilled Michael Schumacher’s dream as a kid

Jurgen Dilk the man who played crucial role at the beginning of Michael Schumacher career in Formula 1.

Michel Schumacher as a kid have dreamt of being a racing driver, but his family had no money to afford Schumacher’s desire.

A local businessman, Jurgen Dilk fulfilled Michael Schumacher dream – he bought an engine for his kart to compete.

A tough time creates a great man, that is for sure, Michael knew how hard it was to reach at the top, that is why he succeeded.

However, years after, Michael Schumacher became popular – he joined Formula 1 team in 1991 when he was 22 years-old.

It didn’t took long for a team like Benetton to knock the door to sign the young German, who did unbelievable qualifying at Spa in his debut.

At Benetton he won two championships in a row in 1994 and 1995 – before he joined at Ferrari in 1996.

Michael Schumacher spent 11 years at Scuderia Ferrari where he won five championships from 2000 to 2004.