The most dominant car in F1 ever


Testing one of the most dominant car in history of Formula 1, the McLaren MP4-4 V6 Turbo engine.

This car is known as one of the best in history as Senna and Prost won 15 races out of 16 back in 1988.

It was Ayrton Senna who took the championships, four points ahead of Alain Prost in the second place.

However, Ayrton Senna managed to win 8 races during the season, while Prost only 7 wins.

But it remains one of the best seasons that history remembers, the battle between McLaren’s drivers could be the best rivalry ever.

This show countinued in 1989, the battle between team-mates at McLaren, Senna won six races and Prost only four.

In the end it was Prost who won the championship after Senna was disqualified from the last race.