The Most Dominant Car In History – Best Sound You Have Ever Heard

The McLaren that is known as one of the most successful car in history of the sport, winning 15 races out of 16 back in 1988.

Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna competed with the McLaren-Honda MP4/4, powered by Honda engine 1.5-litre and V6 turbo engine.

However, even with the best car on the grid, sometimes things are difficult to handle when you have two best drivers in your team.

Ron Dennis had the most difficult job in the world, he tried to handle them both but in 1989 he had to separate Senna and Prost, he decided to keep Senna and let Prost leave the team and join Scuderia Ferrari.

In Monaco, known as a short lap and very hard to fight against the barriers, Ayrton Senna’s lap is remembered as lap of life, best in history, beating his team-mate by half a second and two and a half of a second ahead of Ferrari driver Berger who was P3.