The most powerful car in history of F1


The most powerful car in Formula 1 ever, the Brabham BMW Turbo that was used back in 1982 until 1987.

Back in the day when they have been able to use two engines over the weekend, one for qualifying and one for the race back in 80s.


Engine: BMW M12 1.5L
Power: 1500HP

Stats results in F1 of this engine:

World Championships: 1 (Nelson Piquet in a Brabham in 1983)
Wins: 9 (Piquet 7, Riccardo Patrese 1, Gerhard Berger 1)
Pole Positions: 15 (Piquet 12, Teo Fabi 2, Patrese 1)
Fastest Laps: 14 (Piquet 9, Patrese 2, Berger 2, Fabi 1)