The NEW Cadillac GTP LMDh that will compete at Le Mans in 2023

Finally Cadillac is back in Le Mans again after 20-years, the manufacturer already have the prototype of Cadillac GTP.

The American manufacturer that builds and designs luxury vehicles believes that they compete with the best cars around the world.

A three years ago Cadillac broke the record of selling around 390.000 vehicles around the world.

However, we are going back to the Cadillac GTP that will compete next year at Le Mans, we will bring the specifications of the car.

Engine5.5-liter DOHC V8
Top Speed400 KMH
TransmissionXtrac Sequential gearbox
Horsepower700 BHP

Looking back in 1999, many teams left the sport due to the high cost, only Cadillac and Audi remained.

In 2005, Cadillac decided to leave as a team, and finally now they are coming back much stronger with their new project.

Can Cadillac fight again in this sport, there are many teams that already have an history here, but this new car gives us hope to come back again and fight for the top.