Top 10 Best small and economic Cars

No experience no problem. There are solutions so nowadays the cars manufacturers have made a brilliant small electric cars.

Time flies so in some years we will going to have all electric cars. Volkswagen not long ago made it clear that by 2030 there will be all electric cars.

Car ModelYearsEngineHorsepower
Ford Fiesta 2018-2021 1.0L 100hp
Toyota Aygo 2005-2014 1.0L 67 hp
Suzuki Swift 2013-2017 1.2L 94hp
Volkswagen Polo 2010-2014 1.2L 75hp
Renault Clio 2012–2019 1.2L 75hp
Skoda Fabia 2007–2014 1.2L 68hp
Opel Corsa 2014 – 2019 1 .2L 70hp
Hyundai i20 2014–2020 1.0L 99hp
Fiat Punto 2005-2009 1.2L 73hp
Seat Ibiza 2012-2015 1.2L 105hp