Top 5 Most Loved BMW Cars Ever

We take a look at the German manufacturer – THE BMW Cars and their top 5 greatest cars ever made in history.

BMW it’s known for drifting as the best cars on the planet, but in the mid-90s there is Nissan who started doing the same thing, but anyhow, BMW remained the king of it!


The BMW M3 serie that started it’s production back in 1988 until 1991, it’s known the best car for drifting and angriest looking car on the planet, and it sounded amazing. It’s starting price started at $35.000. The engine of the car was 2.3L with four cylinders. Another engine model was released later with 2.5 litre.

BMW 3 Series E36

Another beaty came to life in 1992, which wasn’t so strong on drifting but very reliable car. It’s production remained until 1999, the engine of the car was 3.0 and 3.2 litre models. There were many choices on their transmissions – 5 speed-manual and automatic, and 6-speed manual and automatic also, it’s price started at $23,000.

BMW M5 E34

The Sedan that conquered the world, The BMW M5 E34. It’s production started back in 1988 which remained until 1995. There were available two types of engines of this model, 3.6-liter and 3.8-liter with two types of transmissions with 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual. It’s price started at $30,000.

BMW M5 E60

Back in 2006 the BMW M5 E60 Sedan became the fastest in the world, reaching 60mph in 4.5 second. It’s production started in 2004 with the V10 engine – 5.0-liter and 7-manual transmission. The price of the car started at $28,000.

BMW M5 E39

Another Sedan and one of the most wanted cars in the world, the E39 – a generation that conquered the world. It’s first engine was V8 with 400 horsepower, the production of this model started back in 1998. We have seen also this model in the movie of Transporter at the beginning of this great show. The price of the car started at $30,000.