Tribute to Michael Schumacher: His last event at the Race of Champions

Michael Schumacher tribute at Race Of Champions back in 2012, which was his last time in the race of champions after five years of attending.

Those were the years, all eyes were on Michael Schumacher after his comeback but not lucky this time, he couldn’t deliver his performance as Mercedes wasn’t as strong as he wanted.

However, Schumacher remains the most successful driver in this sport – his brilliance against Senna at the beginning of his career showed that he is a great racer.

At the end of 1995, Michael Schumacher wanted a new challenge, offers from McLaren were higher than Ferrari back then.

Schumacher decided to join the Marranello team, trying with the Italian manufacturer to get back to winning ways.

After four years of failure of winning championship, finally Ferrari and Schumacher managed to start and dominate Formula 1.

We go back and watch an amazing moments of Schumacher at the race of champions in 2012 – his last event at the race of champions.