Valentino Rossi drives the Mercedes W08 of Lewis Hamilton

The best ever rider of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi drives the Mercedes AMG of Lewis Hamilton around Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia back in 2019.

This car was used by Lewis Hamilton during 2017 championship, where he dominated the whole season and was just unstoppable, the W08 car of Mercedes.

Valentino Rossi, also a great racing driver and you can see how easy he can drive an F1 car and how easily he pushes it, he really deserved a seat in F1.

He tried many times to jump in F1 championship during his year at Moto GP, even his mother wanted Rossi in this sport, as it look safer than in MotoGP.

We have seen in the past Valentino Rossi driving Ferrari cars, even those cars that Michael Schumacher won championships in F1.

Here is his lap around Valencia with Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton:

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