Volkswagen MK1: How much it costs today?

Volkswagen Golf MK1 is the first generation of the model, but how much it costs today? A car that have been forgotten for years.

That car made Volkswagen to keep up and work for the second generation, which worked well and conquered the world with every model they’ve produced.

It broke every record in the world back in the days with 6.8 million units sold – that is unbelievable number!

It wasn’t just Volkswagen in Germany who built this model, it’s production started in many countries to keep up.

Golf MK1 specifications:

  • Engines: there were many options from 1.1L to 1.8L – The GTI options were 1.6-liter
  • Transmission: 3-speed automatic – 4-speed manual and 5-speed manual
  • Horsepower: It started with 50 HP and the maximum they’ve produced were 110 HP
  • Top Speed: Golf GTI Top Speed 208 KM/H

How much GOLF MK1 costs today?

If you have one – save it as much as you can – at the moment the good one costs around $50.000.

How much was the price GOLF MK1 when it was new?

The average of a new one was $15,000.