What happened at Spa-Francorchamps back in 1998

Almost three decades ago, a clash at Spa-Francorchamps Belgium F1 GP between Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard will be remembered by many fans around the world.

A heavy rain hit Spa that day, it was really difficult for the drivers to see the cars in front, and what happened next?

David Coulthard slowed down, yet we don’t know the reason, Michael Schumacher hit into the back of him which cost him a lot of points for the championship.

However, in the pitlane Schumacher ran into the garage of McLaren to talk to Coulthard, but the pair did not come face to face, so he couldn’t confront the Scottish driver.

A few days later they met each other at Monza, what was the conversation between them, David Coulthard commented it few years later.

David said to Michael: “Look Michael, you run into me, you have to accept some responsibility.”

Schumacher replied: ‘No I don’t see that way,”

However, Coulthard did not wanted to comment more about it, but we can see that Couldhard was on the racing line, Schumacher couldn’t see him, a story that will remain a mystery for all of us.