Why Schumacher Succeed At Ferrari But Vettel, Alonso and Prost failed?

One of the greatest drivers in history of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher opted to join Scuderia Ferrari in 1996 as a two time world champion.

Back then he had a better offers from other teams like McLaren, but surprisingly, Schumacher decided to join Scuderia Ferrari.

Scuderia Ferrari suffered for almost two decades, they couldn’t produce a winning car and keep up with front runners, but everything changed when Michael Schumacher joined them.

Ferrari signed the greatest talents in the world, back in 80s and 90s, Prost was at Ferrari, Nigel Manssell before Michael Schumacher joined them, but none of them succeeded.

Even after Michael Schumacher decided to retire from F1, we have seen that after 2007, Scuderia Ferrari was unable to win a championship, even if they had Fernando and Sebastian, a great champions, but they were not able to replicate the same success as Michael.

Why Michael Schumacher succeeded at the Marranello?

First of all, Michael Schumacher didn’t come alone at the Scuderia Ferrari, he brought with himself two members of Benetton who were responsible for the success of the team back in 94′ and 95′.

One of the was Rory Bryne, one of the graetest car designers in history of Formula 1, seeing his cars dominate the 90s and early 2000s.

Let’s not forget, Schumacher brought with himself also the mastermind behind Benetton success. Ross Brawn, who served as the technical director of the Scuderia Ferrari.

Ross Brawn knew how to push the team forward, Michael Schumacher also knew something more before everybody else as Ross later dominated the sport with Ferrari, and 2009 he also won the title with his own team – Brawn Mercedes.