Willi Weber: Schumacher family ‘deleted me’ from their life

Willi Webber, former manager of Michael Schumacher says the Formula 1 Legend’s wife deleted him from her life after what happened to Michael.

“To this day, no phone call, no letter.” Willi Webber told RTL.

“On that day of overwhelming pain, I know now that she deleted me from her life,” said Weber about Schumacher’s wife, Corrina.


“How did I become a worn-out tyre after all of those years? Why am I not allowed to visit Michael? What am I being punished for?” he said.

When asked to explain what happened, Schumacher’s famous former manager told RTL: “I made a mistake.

“Back then, I didn’t get on a plane straight away and go to him in hospital. I saw the crowd and thought I don’t need to queue up now.

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“That was wrong. I should have flown there immediately,” Weber added.

“I was miserable. I suffered like a dog.”
Source: Grandp