WORLD RECORD: Koenigsegg AGERA RS hits 457KM/H

A world record – Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg published a footage to put down all doubts, this car hits 457KM/H.

Texan automaker days before has said that they have made the fastest car in the world – The Venom F5 which costs 2.1 Million Euros.

But it’s rival Koenigsegg could wait to hit back and show who is the king – they broke records on which car is the fastest on the planet!

Agera RS Engine is 5.0 litre with V8 engine – and the test driver is Niklas Lija, the fearless man who squezed every drop out of the car.

Lija run twice to hit that speed, making this car the fastest in history, Agera is still the fastest car on the planet.

The test was held in Nevada in closed road. This is the Agera RS – THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

We don’t own the clip – It’s embedded from youtube.